Scale your business

with Aux's virtual talent


Aux is a virtual auxiliary team for everything a company may need.

We hire cost-effective, full-time talent to work with the world's leading entrepreneurs. Leaders get the help they need, and we take care of the rest - from recruiting, HR, and payroll - we cover the details.

Aux can help you hire the best full-time talent for the following roles

Virtual Assistant

Account Manager

Business Analyst

Research Assistant

Marketing Coordinator

Accounting & Finance

Aux is the solution to letting the best companies scale faster.

We know first hand that starting a successful business while managing your personal life seems almost impossible at times.

Started by a four time founder, Aux was founded based on a need to find the highest quality team members that could onboard quickly and help us grow our business. Through a friend, we found a few assistants excited to work virtually from home. Within a week, they had started taking over our workflows and employing creative problem solving to manage some of the most complex situations that come with growing a company. To be successful, you need to have an extraordinary team like we did. We want to help the world's leading innovators and change-makers grow their team.